Civil Society Action Coalition on Education For All (CSACEFA) Oyo State Commemorates 2021 Global Action Week For Education (GAWE)

Theme: “More and Better Financing for Education”.

Globally, some 124 million children are out of school and 250 million are not learning basic skills because of poor quality education. The COVID 19 pandemic made the matter worse by stopping or interrupting about 1.5 billion learners from accessing education. This harmful effect of the pandemic on the education of children is not evenly distributed as the poorest countries and the poorest persons within these countries are worst affected.

Right from 2000 when the world adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) till 2015 when the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were proclaimed, ‘access to quality education by all’ has always being highly prioritized.

Though there are other notable International Days set aside to promote education and education related causes, however GAWE is so special because a whole week is been used to commemorate GAWE.

GAWE as been commemorated since 2003 is to ensure that the world achieve the SDG4- “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by 2030.

CSACEFA Oyo State, in line with the ‘One Billion Voices campaign’ of the Global Campaign for Education has listed series of activities for the week.

These activities includes;

  1. Delivery of ADVOCACY LETTER to major Stakeholders during an Unscheduled Visit, this will be domesticated in the Administrative Zones and selected LGAs of the State.
  2. Release of PRESS STATEMENT, admonishing all and sundry to raise our Voices to support Proper Education Funding.
  3. Release of the next Edition of EDUVOICE, purposely to escalate the Activities of CSACEFA OYO particularly on the Education Out Loud (EOL) Project.
  4. Online Campaign and Sensitization on why and how for More and Better Financing for Education.

Furtherance to this, we join other Voices around the world to appreciate Oyo State Government for raising the financing to Education level while we believe they can still do more; we equally call on Oyo State Government to make the increased financing delivery timely to usable points; increase Activities for localising more financing for Education by domestication at the grassroots involving local communities and Organizations.

The VOICES added should be 1 Billion focusing on:

* Better Welfare for Teachers

* Making Education accessible and affordable to all

* The Schools must strive without hindrance

* Learning environment must be based on best global practices

* All stakeholders must be on the same page of the story.

This Campaign needs your Voice to be 1Billion Voices……







Dr. Oluwabukola OLATUNJI

Coordinator, CSACEFA Oyo State